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Visual LandPro 2000
Visual LandPro 2000 is the ideal tool for land departments of small to mid-sized Oil, Gas, and Coal Mining Companies that have lease inventories ranging from a few hundred leases to over 100,000.

Visual LandPro 2000 provides Oil & Gas, Mining, Land Owners, and Land Service companies with the tools to record and manage land inventory details and ownership history of land parcels (including mineral and surface ownership details).

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LandPro Express
Lease Data Sheet Owner Data Sheet Instrument Data Sheet Tract Data Sheet Oil, Gas And Mineral Lease Lease Purchase Report Memorandum Of Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease Report EXHIBIT-A EXHIBIT-A EXHIBIT-A Acreage Inventory
Taking new Leases?  Then use LandPro Express for all your online lease data entry.  This great tool allows you to quickly setup instruments, tract, and basic lease information, then easily generates tons of proven-useful reports:
  Memorandum of Leases
  Lease Purchase Reports (LPR)
  Various Lease Schedules
  Lease Exhibit A`s
  Instrument Data Sheets (Chain of Title Instruments)
  Tract Mineral Ownership Reports
  Tract Data Sheets / Runsheets
  Leasehold Summary Reports
  Various Data Sheets (Leases, Tracts, Owners, etc)
  Custom "Snapshot" Reports
Quick data entry wizards to setup Leases, Tracts.
Customize your own lease form templates. Powerful database queries & export to Excel/PDF. Extensive MS-Word/PDF file data/report exports.  More...                

LandPro Express Pricing...
And... best of allit generates EXCEL worksheets READY to be imported into Visual LandPro 2000's "BROKER IMPORT MODULE".  This will save your clients countless hours, as they will be able to setup leases in Visual LandPro by simply reviewing your Excel worksheets and then importing your data.
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