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9/2/2015 LANDNEWS: Vacation for LANDNEWS, out Sept 3-9, 2015
9/1/2015 LANDNEWS: Experienced Midland Landman available - Chas Saul relocates
9/1/2015 LANDNEWS: Larry Gilmore obituary - Tyler TX
9/1/2015 LANDNEWS: Lease Analyst Seeking Job Opportunity
9/1/2015 LANDNEWS: Justin Kitchens, Title Manager (resume attached)
8/29/2015 LANDNEWS: Obit for Landman Mike Dailey, 63 - visitation Sun, funeral Mon
8/29/2015 LANDNEWS: Obit for Nick Roth, Sr Landman, Texas Crude - Service Sun Aug 30, Hous...
8/29/2015 LANDNEWS: Established Land firm seeks experienced Due Diligence Landmen
8/29/2015 LANDNEWS: Obituary for Landman Clint Hime, 1925-2015
8/28/2015 LANDNEWS: Byron Foster seeks Contract/Permanent Lease Analyst position
8/27/2015 LANDNEWS: WHAPL Fall Social Sept 17 & Annual Sporting Clays Shoot Oct 23
8/27/2015 LANDNEWS: BP Surface Land Negotiator posting - Durango, CO
8/26/2015 LANDNEWS: Seeking Sr Division Order Analyst/Sr Lease Analyst position
8/26/2015 LANDNEWS: Andrew Swann RPL- Resume
8/26/2015 LANDNEWS: Former Land Admin Supervisor seeks Lease Admin position
8/26/2015 LANDNEWS: Brandi Mitchell (Lease Analyst) resume
8/26/2015 LANDNEWS: Small E&P co seeks Landman 10+ yrs exp - Houston area
8/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Job posting for Land Admin with DO experience - Houston?
8/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Kenny Gunter still needs 5 more LOCAL MIDLAND AREA lease buyers
8/19/2015 LANDNEWS: Service on Fri Aug 21 for Molly Dubiel, mom of David Dubiel - Sugar La...
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