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5/22/2015 LANDNEWS: East Foundation seeks Sr Land Rep - San Antonio TX
5/22/2015 LANDNEWS: Funeral for Lauri Block`s dad Harold Block - Tues, May 26, W Houston
5/20/2015 LANDNEWS: PLANO Awards Luncheon - Mon, June 22, New Orleans
5/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Upcoming AAPL events in Texas
5/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Preston Morgan seeks Sr/Supervisory Land Admin position
5/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Evan Head`s Resume for Landman Position (Willing to Relocate)
5/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Seeking experienced Due Diligence Landmen
5/19/2015 LANDNEWS: Ken Olive leaves The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse
5/19/2015 LANDNEWS: OilPro: Texas Outlaws Local Fracing Bans
5/19/2015 LANDNEWS: Tamara Seiter seeks Landman/Land Admin or Due Diligence/Special Projec...
5/15/2015 LANDNEWS: Lindsay Freund seeks Landman/Land Tech position
5/15/2015 LANDNEWS Jim Enlow`s new contact info; seeking Landman position/project.
5/15/2015 LANDNEWS: NALTA 30th Annual Conference - Sept 9-11, Portland OR
5/14/2015 LANDNEWS: Daniel Stangle seeks Division Order or Lease Analyst position
5/14/2015 LANDNEWS: Cody Isbell`s Resume for Landman position
5/12/2015 LANDNEWS: Dan Tinkler resume for Landman project/position
5/12/2015 LANDNEWS: Lindsay Guenther seeks Land Admin or Asst job
5/12/2015 LANDNEWS: Jones Energy seeks Suspense Analyst in Land Admin - Austin TX
5/11/2015 LANDNEWS: WHAPL Shrimp Boil & Membership Drive THIS THURS MAY 14 - W Houston
5/8/2015 LANDNEWS: HAPL "Tribute to Education" Luncheon - May 21, Houston
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