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2/27/2015 LANDNEWS: Stephanie Mata resume for Landman position
2/27/2015 LANDNEWS: HAPL - South Louisiana Social
2/27/2015 LANDNEWS: Byron Morris retires from ExxonMobil Exploration, Houston
2/25/2015 LANDNEWS: Resume from Jordan Harrelson
2/25/2015 LANDNEWS: PLANO Luncheon, Tues April 7- Galatoire`s, New Orleans
2/25/2015 LANDNEWS: Clinton Soltau: Rest in Peace, 1093-2015
2/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Landman Happy Hour after work today Tues 24th at Mo`s on Post Oak Blvd...
2/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Gerald Sbarbaro seeks Landman position
2/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Private Houston non-op co seeks GOM Land Mgr
2/24/2015 LANDNEWS: Austin Crain`s Resume PLM & MS/MBA in Global Energy Mgmt
2/23/2015 LANDNEWS: Oxy seeks Land Negotiator - Midland, TX
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Landman resume - 10 yrs Texas, Louisiana & Arkansas
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Dallas atty Eric Studer seeks title or due diligence project
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Experienced Lease Analyst looking for next project
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: John Berrier seeks Landman position or project
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Cheryl Williams seeks DO/Land Admin position
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Tammy Tallant: Abstractor/Landman/Heirship & Curative/Title examiner
2/20/2015 LANDNEWS: Byron Foster seeks Lease Analyst position
2/18/2015 LANDNEWS: Mexico Oil & Gas 2015 - Mar 5-6, Mexico City
2/18/2015 LANDNEWS: Mike Johnson seeks Sr Landman position, onshore or offshore
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